Features of Japanese incense

Incense made in Japan has various characteristics. They are made from organic, high-quality materials and are mostly hand-made. Among them, I would like you to pay particular attention to the scent. Most Japanese incense uses sandalwood as the base of the fragrance. In Japan, the scent of sandalwood is widely recognized as the scent of incense. However, in Western culture, not many people are familiar with this scent. This fragrant wood is one of the major features of Japanese incense.
While sandalwood has a sweet scent, it can be mixed with various fragrances to create a variety of expressions. Its unique fragrance creates a mysterious world view.

What is Sandalwood

An evergreen tall tree of the sandalwood family. Native to India. The material is light yellow and has a fragrance, and is used for Buddhist altar fittings and handicrafts. It is also used as a raw material for perfumes and medicines.

Sandalwood is also difficult to plant artificially, and it is said that it takes more than 50 years to produce the unique gentle scent of sandalwood, making it very valuable. By the way, as a plant, Indonesia is the place of origin, but since ancient times, Laoshan sandalwood produced in Mysore, India is famous for emitting the finest fragrance.

In Japan, one of the things offered to Buddha is scent. It is necessary to offer the highest quality fragrance to the Buddha, and sandalwood or agarwood are used. Sandalwood is used in Japanese incense from these cultural backgrounds.